• July 2023: My paper entitled "CO2-driven stratocumulus cloud breakup in a bulk boundary layer model" won 3rd place in the DRI's Wagner Award paper competition.
  • April 2023: I will be moving in the fall to Lamont to work with Robert Pincus and Yi Ming as a NOAA C&GC postdoctoral fellow.
  • July 2022: I won the outstanding early career presentation award for my talk at CFMIP on stratocumulus-cumulus transitions!
  • December 2021: Attended (in-person!) and presented at AGU on my theoretical work on stratocumulus cloud feedback.
  • November 2021: My first first-author paper on 3D cloud radiative effects was accepted into JAS!
  • June 2021: Received the Richard H. Jahns Teaching Award from the Caltech Division of Geological and Planetary Science for my role as a teaching assistant in ESE 130
  • June 2021: Received the inaugural Community Building Award from Caltech's Department of Environmental Science and Engineering for my contributions to organizing the department seminar and making it a more inclusive space with broader representation of environmental scientists from all backgrounds.
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